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An open letter to Apple…

Dear Apple Inc,

I’ve been using your devices for a number of years now. In fact I have come to rely heavily on both your iPhone and iPad products for my day to day business. Notwithstanding the hopeless battery life on the phone particularly, both products have been pretty reliable.

I have updated the software as new releases have been issued by you to keep my devices up to date. However in using iOS 7.1.2 in recent months you appear to have created a conflict with .PDF file formats. I am now unable to view .PDF files on my devices properly. This is kind of critical to me as I both send and receive a lot of .PDF files.

Bad AppleSo my question is really very simple; When (after several months of waiting now!) are you planning to rectify this??

I’m looking forward to the imminent release of the iPhone 6 (or other such name), but my choice to acquire this when released will depend heavily on me being able to access .PDF files properly.

In the interim I will continue to consider switching to a Samsung Galaxy or perhaps the HTC one…


Thank you.

Nick Riley.

Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone?

There has been an unanswered question in my mind for sometime now; whats the best phone on the market? The Samsung Galaxy or the Apple iPhone?

My good friend and fellow bloggerTim Garratt is a long-term avid ‘Apple man’, but just recently he’s been trying out the Samsung S5 phone. Today he’s blogged about his experience so far and comparison with the trusty, but perhaps tired, Apple…click here to see his post.

Interestingly, another question in my mind recently has been the adoption of my iPad for all note taking – and losing my A5 notebook. Tim also responds to this question in his post.

It seems the notebook lives on, alongside the iPad. So too does the Apple iPhone – it just needs a better battery! It seems that rumours are circulating on the internet right now that the iPhone 6 is on it’s way, but what will it look like?