about this blog site

We live in an increasingly intense and busy world where life appears to maintain a consistently fast pace. Personally I thrive on working under pressure, but perhaps one negative effect this business lifestyle can have is that there is little time to stop, think, contemplate and reflect on what’s going on around us. With Social media streaming constantly via multiple channels, our ability to connect with a huge amount of information is constantly at our finger tips. Using this information in a focussed way is critical to ensuring it is a meaningful and productive resource to use.

This is a fascinating and exciting time to be in business – I believe the way we work is fundamentally changing and evolving. In my view this is good and I am making a very focussed effort to embrace this new world. What I also hope to do with this site is use some of my ‘travel’ time to record some ideas/ thoughts – allowing me to contemplate a little more and perhaps gain a broader perspective from other peoples views/ responses.

My objective in all this is fairly simple; to promote architecture, my company and my current thoughts. A few people I work closely with have suggested that I should  start ‘blogging’ to share my ideas/ thoughts with a wider audience, so here I am.  I hope it will be positive and useful, both for me and anyone who chooses to read my thoughts.

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