MIPIM. Let the Business begin…

As you will know already if you follow my blog or @LewisandHickey on twitter, we are at (#)Mipim again this year. Most people who read this will probably also know what Mipim is, but for anyone who doesn’t; its the European annual Property conference. Its attended by around 20,000 delegates including, Investors, Developers, Agents, Consultants, Contractors, Local Authorities…and a few others! Its a big deal and is essentially three days of intense meetings and networking events. Its hosted every year in Cannes in the Côte d’Azur.

This year I am attending with the Manchester at Mipim Partnership – a delegation, led by Sir Howard Bernstein at Manchester City Council, which brings together 45 partners, mainly from the private sector. Its a diverse mix of companies and people – but all are here to discuss property and in true Manchester style, everyone is friendly, has a ‘can do’ attitude as is patriotic in promoting everything that is great about Manchester. Manchester really go for it at Mipim, they recognise the value it has – and this year is another impressive line-up. Click here to see the full line-up of the stand events. Tomorrow we welcome leading physicist Professor Brian Cox to our stand;


“Acclaimed Physicist Brian Cox will bring international attention to opportunities for growth and progression across Greater Manchester during his keynote speech on the first day of MIPIM in Cannes.”

“The 15:30 (14:30 GMT) presentation at stand B1.00 will explore how the connections between people and places have the power to change the world. It forms part of a day of stand events focused on innovation and Manchester as a city that is leading the way and setting new standards across research, arts and entertainment, science and technology sectors.” click here for full press release.

Tim Hall from our London office is also attending Mipim this year to promote our London team/ work – especially our growth in mixed-use developments and retail led development. Tim is currently en-route to Cannes in a London Car Rally which will go over the Millau Viaduct tomorrow, before arriving in Cannes.

Also arriving tomorrow afternoon is the Broadgate Estates Cycle to Cannes team. I’ve been following these guys on Twitter and they have battled some rainy conditions as the 90 riders cycle the 1500km from London to Cannes. Joining them for the last leg of the ride is Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

So as the UK battles another cold snap in weather, what does the outlook hold for Mipim? Well the weather here looks to be a mixture of sunshine, cloud and scattered showers. The same could perhaps be said for the property related economic outlook…I’m sure there will be lots of headlines emerging from Mipim in the coming days – its a strong platform for press coverage, especially to target International investors. However, the reality is that we remain in challenging times – especially in relation to property development/ construction activity. Having said that, the UK actually seems to be getting some positive press. I picked up a property journal today with a picture of London Bridge and a montage of huge new buildings behind it, with the headline “London’s Building”. According to CBRE, The UK led 16 other European countries in terms of Investment Activity for both Q3 and Q4 in 2012. This is reassuring, but as the title states; its very London centric.

So which sectors are people backing then for 2013? Industrial seems to be topping the asset classes across Europe generally, followed by Retail and then Offices. We’ll no doubt understand this outlook more over the course of Mipim.

I have a busy three days now, each one packed with meetings, key stand events, networking events, panel discussions, lunches and dinners. Most of my time will be spent at events with the Manchester team – these are mostly private access. You can see all the stand events on the website or the YouTube channel McrMipim. You can see my promotional video below where I talk about social media, tall buildings and our University work. Manchester is a competitive market, with some long-established and talented architects in place. However I firmly believe we have a strong offer and I’m keen to build new relationships whilst out here.


I will also be supporting, and spending time with, @TeamNottingham – these guys are promoting a strong message about Nottingham and the Enterprise Zone. They have some great supporters and I’m sure they will achieve a lot out of being here. I am hoping that I can help fly their flag with one of their T-shirts…

Mipim is not a race – its a marathon. You need to try and pace yourself. My objective is simple; to maximise outcomes from Mipim for Lewis and Hickey, this is serious business and I am focused on promoting our business and the regions we operate in.

Keep in touch with our progress by following us @LewisandHickey and re-visiting my blog…

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