New Formula one inspired cars

This week has seen some high profile new car model launches at the Geneva Motorshow. The supercar brands, it would seem, are merging closer and closer to Formula One design innovation and technology – this must be good! I’ve had a quick look over some of these F1 related models and thought I’d share some favorites;

First up is the McLaren P1 – the successor to the legendary road going McLaren F1 from the 1990’s (I’ve blogged about the new P1 previously, click here to see it). If money were no object I would buy one of these (£866k) and what an investment it would be as well. The previous version of this car is immensely rare and can trade for up to £10m!

mclaren-p1In second place; Ferrari have launched their top of the range successor to the Enzo and F40. Its is called the La Ferrari. As you might expect it is another contemporary interpretation of a beautifully crafted Ferrari. Its looks and sounds amazing. Take a look at the video here. It boasts a modest 963hp and has Hybrid technology, called HY-KERS. This adopts the F1 developed Kinetic Energy Recovery System to boost the power. The car has a lot of F1 inspired thinking in its carbon fibre chassis and bodyshell too, but to own (of even see) one might be a rarity as only 499 will be sold.

ferrari-laferrariIn third place, and to complete the top place of the podium…I should be talking about a Red Bull related car. Problem; Red Bull don’t actually make cars. They do however have a sponsorship tie-in with Infiniti cars (who?) They have been around for a while now and, in my view, are probably similar to Lexus. They have produced a ‘Vettel’ edition to further strengthen their brand link – it doesnt really shout F1 to me though…

infiniti_fx50One final mention is the quintessentially British (albeit German owned) Rolls Royce, and their new Wraith model (below), a 3-door GT/ Coupe car. This will no doubt have big road presence and exude luxury in every way. Take a look at the video here. Oddly, the doors open backwards. I sort of get this idea on the bigger limousine model, but why on this one? It seems clear to me that this is competing directly with the hugely successful British (and also German owned!) Bentley Continental GT, which is much better looking I think.

rolls-royce-wrath-14My lottery winnings are going on the McLaren P1; a British car, truly inspired by F1.

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