London Olympics 2012 – bringing out the ‘Great’ in Britain and making us shine.

Friday saw the Olympic torch travel through both Nottingham (incl. past our office) and Derby (where I live). We went to watch the event in Derby – so we could say we took part. My daughter is two and we felt it was important for her, and us to experience this once in a lifetime event – we accept she may not remember it,  but we do have a photo of her holding a torch! I was very impressed and particularly struck with two key things…

Firstly the ‘idea’ of the torch relay (and more importantly the flame) around the UK, including celebrating a diverse range of individuals who have given something back in one way or another – “a moment to shine”. The tour means that a huge proportion of the UK population have the opportunity to take part in the build up to UK/ London hosting the Olympics. I think this ability to connect with such events on a personal level is important. The atmosphere was fantastic. I must admit, I’m not sure whether this torch relay is something unique to the UK or whether it is something other countries have done? The Second thing that struck me was the organisation behind this epic torch relay – its impressive! When you see it, you really appreciate the huge amount logistics behind this tour and it was done with superb efficiency. We got to see James Toseland, World Superbikes champion, carrying the torch.

Having been in London quite a bit recently, it is fair to say that London has a real and tangible buzz at the moment, initiated by the recent Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Again a celebration of all things British. The Euro 2012 seemed to pull everyone together, albeit briefly! We are now in the middle of Wimbledon – again something quintessentially British! And next weekend sees the Formula One 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone – where F1 first started in 1950. I am looking forward to seeing the action in a Grand Stand at Luffield! Sport has a huge part to play in our day to day lives and while much of it is global in terms of coverage, it’s also very accessible to us and can promote the UK positively.

So being British seems and feels really good at the moment. The media seem to be  giving it all positive coverage too, which is good for a change! I think that in these continued times of austerity and economic uncertainty is it good to have an important economic boost and also a morale boost for Great Britain – but also celebrate our amazing diversity and history as a nation. Talking of global coverage; I am currently in Dubai and later this week will travel to our office in Mumbai, India. We are involved in a busy schedule of meetings regarding our emerging international work, more to follow on that shortly…

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